Energy Use Policy.

Bross Tekstil San. Tic. Inc. knows that the saving necessity of the increased energy need in the recent years is an important item both due to its environmental impacts and with respect to its cost.

Bross Textile is committed to establishing the necessary systems for the implementation of this policy, to developing the application within the framework of the needs, to following up the energy use and to pursuing activities for reducing the energy use. Within this scope, 68% energy saving was ensured by starting to completely use led fittings in the firm and thus the annual energy consumption of 545.257 kWh lowered to 172.187 kwh. Production processes at Bross Textile have  high efficiency which  consume less the natural resources by transferring the water running through a sand filter to another pool by backwashing, resting it and reusing it. Bross Textile, which has as a goal “to be part of the solution” in the framework of a sustainable approach, regularly monitors its environmental performance by determining its aims and its objectives for controlling the environment influences and for reducing the resources use in order to leave clean and healthy environment to the future generations.